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Promo Pen d.o.o.

Promo Pen is located in Cacak, Serbia. The company is a family production and trade company with experience in producing, processing and distributing fruit. However, the main activities of the company are producing and processing dried fruits. The main product of Promo Pen is prune both with and without pit. The company is flexible in packaging offers. Depending on the customers’ demand, the company is able to pack in different packages sizes varying from 200 grams to 10 kilograms. Currently, Promo Pen exports to Germany, Romania, Russia and neigbouring countries.


Prunes with or without pit
Mixed dried fruit, prunes with walnuts and prunes with nuts topped with chocolate
Cherries, pears, apples, berries and herbs


Own orchard of more than 5.000 plum trees
Processing equipment

Company details

Promo Pen d.o.o.
Svetog save 2a, 32 000 Čačak
+381 32 226 112
[email protected]