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Belfarma is located in Osečina, Serbia and was established in 2006. The main activities of this company includes producing fresh and frozen fruit and producing and processing prunes. Belfarma produces 27 tonnes of fresh plums per day. The company differentiate itself from competitors by offering sweet prunes with nuts on the market. These prunes are handmade and have a unique taste. To ensure the quality of the products, strict supervision from field to final product is applied and sterilized air is used when drying the plums.


Dried prunes with or without pit Nuts


27 tonnes of fresh plums per day
Own plum plantation


Berfarm is currently in the procedure of HACCP certification.

Company details

Belfarma d.o.o.
Belotic bb, Osečina
+ 381 69 401 356 4
[email protected]