Serbian Prunes Production Process

Plum Growing

Did you know that Serbia has the largest number of plum trees per capita in the world? There are more than 50 million of plum trees in Serbia.

Our farmers grow plums on the area of the 78 thousand ha. During the plum season, Serbia is colored in blue. Majority of the plums are used for the production of the national plum brandy but still, there is enough for the production of prunes.

Typical orchards are small and planted on the hilly areas up to 700 m above the sea level. Rains provide 660-800 mm of water during the year. This means the perfect condition for plum growing. Because of that plums are almost sacred to Serbian culture

Plum Harvesting

In Serbia, the majority of farmers carefully pick plums by hand – one by one. Steep hills in many prune growing areas do not allow usage of shaking machines. With hand picking farmers select only fully ripe plums for drying.


Up to 4 kg of fresh Stanley plums is used for the production of 1 kg of prunes. After harvesting plums are washed. Then they are placed on the trays and dried. A process of drying is fully controlled.

After Drying

After drying, prunes go through several stages according to your liking. They are carefully inspected, sized and pitted.

Packing to Your Liking

Our producers will pack prunes according to your liking in different packaging. Those vary from 10 kg cartoons, through retail cans to transparent pouches. If you desire our producers can even pack each prune separately.

Our farmers and technology experts watch all steps to achieve stable and high quality.