Serbian Prunes Association

Who we are and why we have
such a long name?

  • We are National. We gather the most relevant producers of prunes in Serbia. All together we represent more than 80% of total Serbian prunes production.
  • We are Association. Our membership is currently composed of 10 members. We support our members to trust each other and grow together. Currently we export to more than 30 different markets worldwide.
  • We are Serbian. This means that we produce and trade only single origin Serbian products. We do not mix our prunes with products from other origins.
  • We are Prunes. We produce superfruit in the form of prunes. Our producers also produce other dried fruit but the core product for all is prune.

Why do we exist in the world?

After the long period of fame, incurable illness (plum pox virus) prevented farmers to produce and dry the same delicious type of prunes. Soon after that, our country was additionally affected by the big economic and political crisis. All this dramatically decreased prunes production in Serbia.
Now we are back again! We gathered together to bring the fame back to Serbian prunes where it always belonged. But actually we didn’t gather together only because of the fame.
We also want to contribute to a better world in prunes way:
We want to make our farmers happier and to support them to grow plums. Life in the villages is not always easy. So we would like to contribute to a better future for people in Serbian villages through:

– Fair Trade
– Equal treatment
– Honesty
– Trust

Also, we want to improve the health of all the people with a contribution of Serbian prunes.